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Welcome to - an Interamerican Agency

Interamerican is the leading name in the Greek insurance market with an excellent reputation.

The company offers a wide range of important insurance options with brand offices all over the country, ready to assist you.

For non-Greek residents it is even more important to have the right insurance coverage for yourself and your belongings. Greek documents are not easy to understand, however we will assist you in English for all your insurance needs.

Tailor-made plans from your personal Insurance Advisor

We have no Call Centres, no online forms, no automated email replies. An actual person deals with your insurance needs at all times! Whatever your insurance plan, an Insurance Advisor is there for personal advice!


What happens when I request an insurance quote?

When you fill the quote form, we receive an email with your details. An Insurance Advisor will go over your details and formulate a plan according to your needs and what you have asked. There are no fixed plans or ''one size for all'' contracts. We will reply to you within 48 hours of the quote request arrival.

Travel Insurance in Greece


No matter how well you have organized your journey, there is always a possibility of the unexpected happening. Considering how important your safety is during a trip, Interamerican has designed the Travel Insurance plan to protect you against any number of possible problems.


Health Insurance in Greece


Good health is precious and priceless. An increasing number of foreign citizens leave their countries on a permanent, temporary or semi - permanent basis and require expatriate health insurance.


Home Insurance in Greece


Buying a property abroad can be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Wherever you choose to live you need to consider protecting your investment in which you have invested both financially and emotionally.


Car Insurance in Greece


Interamerican is one of the leading insurance companies in Greece and a member of the Eureko family. With more than 400.000 vehicles under its protection, 17 Road Assistance stations and 280 Road Assistance vehicles.


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jpaterakis John Paterakis
Unit Manager
gianna Stavros Tsichlis
Insurance Agent
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Insurance Agent


"We had a problem with our car on the week end, a blown tyre. Unfortunately it turned out that the garage who sold the car to us did not include the jack or wheel brace and Ι could not change the wheel myself. We utilised​ insuranceline's​ break down service under the terms of the policy​.​ I feel that ​I ​must write to you to say how pleased we were with the service given by yourselves and the garage that came out.​ ​It was all done very quickly and in a friendly fashion.​ ​Had we been in ​our country we would have waited hours but this was all sorted in 45 minutes​! ​The garage did every thing to make it as painless as possible​.​ Please ensure that the efficiency of the garage is noted in your records and you may wish to pass this message on to them for their good will purposes and a s a recommendation​"

Colin and Sue Taylor


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