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Good health is precious and priceless. An increasing number of foreign citizens leave their home countries on a permanent, temporary or semi - permanent basis and require expatriate health insurance. You may be working overseas as an employee or contractor. You may be retired or semi - retired. You may run a business from a foreign country. Whatever your situation, foreign country health policies are hard to comprehend, sometimes even for local residents.

insuranceline has access to an exceptional portfolio specialising in health insurance, and our team of advisors are experienced in helping you select a plan that is right for you.

Your personal advisor will take the time to fully understand your requirements and then he will search through all the available products our insurance partners have on offer in order to find the very best policies for you - at the right price. 

Our partnerships with only the Top insurance companies in Europe ensure that you will be offered to choose from the best possible health insurance solutions available. Moreover, in case of hospitalization you will have a choice among only the best clinics in Greece. Safe under our cover at any circumstance!


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Affiliated Health Network in Greece - Clinics, Diagnostic Centers & Doctors

affiliated health centers map

Through our selected partnerships with top insurance companies in Europe you can have access to a broad Health Network all over Greece that includes Health Clinics - Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers for your exams, and Doctors of any medical specialty.

Click on the map above to find the Affiliated Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Doctors of selected insurance partners.

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Our Selected Insurers

  • ERGO
  • AXA
  • Allianz
  • Morgan Price
  • HealthWatch
  • ASUA
  • AIG
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