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Our Home Insurance Plans Offer:
Free Civil Liability   Earthquake cover   Swimming Pool cover
24h English speaking helpline   Policy Contract provided in English
Permanent or Holiday Residence cover   Reliability & Solvency by Generali
Hassle-free and fast claims with support from your local personal advisor in Greece!
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"John we are SO grateful for your ongoing time and support these last many months upon a very challenging time for the global health community. You supported us in securing our residency permits which was incredibly impactful. And then, your patience, kindness, collaboration and communication in choosing the most mindful and cost efficient global insurance, Greek and US insurance with our parameters... we can't say thank you enough. As you are aware, there is no universal healthcare in the United States and having health insurance is a privilege, not a guarantee. Thank you for honoring what we were looking for in a plan, and helping to ensure that in such a time, more than ever, we have a solid health care plan."
by Byron and Jessica in Testimonials

Why our Home Insurance Plans are the best in the market?

  • High Coverage Limits

  • Free Civil Liability

  • Reliability & Solvency by Generali

  • Swimming Pool cover

  • Earthquake cover

  • 24h Phone support in English

  • Hassle-free & Fast Claims

  • Policy contract in English

  • Support from local advisors in Greece

  • Home loan holders cover

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Home Insurance Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is covered by Home Insurance?

Home insurance is insurance that is intended to cover the building structure, the house external structures (garage, pergola, swimming pool etc.), your personal belongings and valuable items kept in the insured property, equipment and appliances.

For more details on home insurance coverage check here.

What is the best Home Insurance in Greece?

Home insurance protects you from financial loss related to unexpected events that may occur. It’s important to compare multiple plans before you buy and pay special attention to what each plan covers, coverage limits, and any deductibles you may need to meet.

The best Home Insurance in Greece is the one that includes:
  • Ultimate protection for your home
  • Free Civil Liability
  • Earthquake cover
  • 24h English speaking helpline
  • Policy Contract provided in English
  • Hassle-free and fast claims
  • Support from a local personal advisor in Greece!

Your insuranceline personal advisor will be there for help and support in case of unforeseen events or claim requests.
Our advisors are based in Greece and know how to handle any case better than any overseas insurance agent!

What are the typical risks for Home Owners in Greece?

Our Home Insurance plans are insured by Generali, one of the world’s 50 largest companies and Top 3 insurers in Europe. Your insuranceline personal advisor will be there for help and support in case of unforeseen events or claim requests.
Our advisors are based in Greece and know how to handle any case better than any overseas insurance agent!

"Remember, don’t buy cheap home insurance. Make sure you are covered, get insured wisely!"

What are the typical risks for Home Owners in Greece?

Owning a property in Greece can be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Wherever it is a permanent residence or a holiday house, you need to consider protecting your investment. Your property is exposed to many dangers, caused by natural or by human causes. Fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, burglaries, can threaten your home at any time.

insuranceline, has access to an exceptional portfolio of covers for home protection with clear and beneficial terms.

Your insuranceline personal advisor will take the time to fully understand your requirements and then he will search through all the available products our insurance partners have on offer in order to find the very best policies for you - at the right price.

How Does Home Insurance Work?

In the event you suffer a loss, whether from burglary, fire or a severe storm, call your insurance agent to begin the claims process.

The benefits you receive will depend upon several factors, including:

  • The limits set on your policy, both for your structural property and your belongings.
  • The deductible amount you pay before your coverage takes effect.
  • Whether you have chosen coverage for the actual cash value or the replacement value of your home and belongings.

How much does Home Insurance cost?

Home insurance plans can cost between 2-10% of the total insured value but there are a lot of factors that affect the final price. The best way to get a cost is to request a quote for your specific requirements.

Request a Home Insurance Quote Online now.

Why Home Insurance is important?

It’s important for many reasons:
  • If you’re insured, any significant repairs or rebuilding after a disaster can potentially be covered by your insurance policy, up to your set limits.
  • If you have a mortgage and your home is destroyed, you will still be required to pay your home loan. If you insure your house at full replacement cost value, you will have the means to fully rebuild, if needed.
  • Liability coverage is one of the most important aspects of home owners insurance. If something happens to a visitor on your property, your liability coverage can cover that person’s medical costs, as well as your legal fees if you get sued.
Check our website for more details on Home Insurance.

What should be covered in my Home Insurance?

Your Home Insurance should covers at least the following:
  • Building Structure: Insure your house for its replacement value. This is how much it would currently cost to build your home from scratch. The amount it would cost to sell your house is not a good indicator of the replacement value.
  • Personal Belongings: Most policies cover your personal belongings at a percent of your house’s value. This may not be enough coverage if you have many valuable items. Find out how much coverage you need and insure them at replacement cost.
  • Liability: Our basic home insuce policy includes $100,000 liability coverage.

Is it worth it to buy Home Insurance?

If you’re a homeowner and you have a mortgage the lenders insist you have a buildings cover.

If you are renting you do not need a building cover, but you may want contents insurance to help cover the cost of replacing your things in case of a loss.

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