Residence Permit Health Insurance Greece

Residence Permit Insurance Greece

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Foreigners who want to stay in Greece for a period over 90 days need a Residence Permit issued by Greek authorities in Greece. The application should be made within the first 2 months after arriving in Greece, although it is highly recommended to be fulfilled immediately on arrival in case of common bureaucratic delays.

The application for a residence permit, either first-time permitsor extension should be accompanied by a letter certifying that the applicant is covered for outpatient medical expenses, hospitalization, medical evacuation/repatriation, and medical care related to accidents for at least one year from the start date of the visa.

The health insurance coverage required includes the following:

  1. Hospitalization (minimum coverage: €10,000/year)
  2. Outpatient care / Medical Expenses (minimum coverage: €1,500/year)
  3. Accidents (minimum coverage: €15,000/year)
  4. Emergency evacuation/repatriation of remains
  5. A statement that the coverage is valid in Greece (or “worldwide” or “in the Schengen Zone”).

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