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All our Travel Insurance Plans are insured by Lloyd's of London
and were created for you based on a simple principle

'Best Coverage at Affordable Price'

Provided you are a European resident, whatever your destination or your age (over 65s included),
we've got you covered!

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Best Travel Insurance Coverage for EU Residents

We have arranged the following coverage plans for our Single-Trip, Annual and Long-Stay Travel Insurance services.

Economy option. Basic coverage that makes sure all medical expensess will be covered.
Regular stay providing more extended level of cover. What we suggest to most cases.
Extended stay providing better medical expenses coverage. Suggested for long distance trips and remote destinations.
Emergency Medical & Other Expenses 2.500.000€ 6.000.000€ 12.000.000€
Personal Accident  - 32.000€ 64.000€
Dental Treatment  - 250€ 250€
Hospital Confinement Benefit  - 25€ up to 2.500€ 25€ up to 2.500€
Delayed Departure  - 1.200€ 1.800€
Baggage  - 1.800€ 3.000€
Personal Money, Passport and Documents  - 900€ 900€
Personal Liability 2.500.000€ 2.500.000€ 2.500.000€
Legal Expenses & Assistance  - 19.000€ 32.000€
Mugging Benefit  - 1.200€ 1.200€
Hijack Cover  - - 600€

* detailed SILVER coverage benefits
* detailed GOLD coverage benefits
* detailed LONG STAY coverage benefits
* detailed description of the Policy Coverage and the terms & conditions (Policy Wording)


Why our Travel Insurance Plans are the best in the market?

  • High Coverage Limits

  • Up to 12.000.000€ Medical Expenses

  • Up to 2.500.000€ Civil Liability

  • Up to 99 years old travelers covered

  • Pregnancy Coverage

  • 24h Phone support in 20 Languages

  • Leisure and Business Trips covered

  • Sport and Professional Activities coverage

  • Tailor Made and Group Programs

  • Option of 0€ Excess Policy

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