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"Being a customer/client at insuranceline for years now from the very beginning, I can only recommend the founder and owner, Mr Ioannis Paterakis & his dedicated team to every single person or entity who need any kind of Insurance in Crete/Greece! Nowhere in the world I have ever experienced such a professionalism, help and support in every single aspect of the field of Insurance. I can only highly recommend insuranceline."
by K N Laschewski in Testimonials
CEO & Senior Director, Talent Management Denmark-Germany
"Insuranceline quickly and efficiently took care of my insurance needs. My rep, John Paterakis, replied to my inquiry and subsequent questions in a prompt and professional manner. As an expat home owner, having the peace of mind that my home is insured for unforeseen occurances, even if I am not there, is worth so much. Thank you John and Insuranceline!"
by JP, Lefkada in Testimonials
"Thank you very much for all your help. I will contact you if I need any more insurance. You have been a great help."
by Mike R, South Africa in Testimonials
"I got the money back, thank you very much. I have to say that you have really nice and friendly service. I wish you all the best and surely will recommend your company to people who need travel insurances."
by Onerva Keränen in Testimonials
"I wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent service when our van was in an accident and needed repair. As I can not speak Greek, the extra time you took to contact the mechanic for me and your help to get a tow truck was very appreciated. I always say that you don't really know how good your insurance broker is until you have to make a claim. Your extra time and excellent service were 5 stars. Thank you very much!"
by Deirdre MacLeod in Testimonials
Director of Operations & Co-Founder foodKIND
Providing food and compassion to refugees and people in crisis
"I am writing to say how pleased I have been with the service given by Insuranceline.gr in my dealings with them in respect of my car insurance. I say this given the problems experienced over a number of years being an English person living in Greece and attempting to obtain suitable car insurance along the lines of English cover and also the difficulties in having to deal in Greek or through inadequate translation facilities and having found that invariably the cover I have requested has not been forthcoming or is a variant of what I have asked."
by Susan Taylor in Testimonials
"The most frank, honest and efficient broker, fluent in English, I have come across in 20 years of insuring my car, home and business in Greece. Only too happy to recommend them for service of excellence."
by Catherine Oloflin in Testimonials
"I would like to express my satisfaction with the service provided by Insuranceline.gr Insurance Company. They provide a comprehensive range of policies and their prices are highly competitive. They have saved me several hundred Euros in premiums. In particular I have been impressed with the Health insurance policies they offer, which seem to me to give excellent value for money. I have also been impressed with the standard of their customer service.

A claim I made recently was dealt with efficiently and fairly and the claims procedure was made straightforward by first-class service throughout. I would add that all the people I dealt with communicated in excellent English.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company."

by Caroline Crowe in Testimonials
"From the initial contact, Insuranceline.gr provided prompt responses to my questions and kept me fully informed through the different stages of my car insurance purchase as well as providing clarifications after purchase. Their level of spoken and written English is excellent, and I would not hesitate to use their services again."
by Brent Tapscott in Testimonials
"Having owned a house and car on the island of Crete since 2005 for all our Insurance needs I have dealt with Insuranceline.gr. They speak perfect English and are 100% reliable and helpful with any problems you might have, so if you are looking for insurance you are in the right website."
by John Westover in Testimonials
"I found Insuranceline.gr to be very helpful, efficient and trustworthy. They speak perfect English, and explained the options very clearly and gave good advice about which insurance would suit us best. Highly recommended."
by Sophy Reid in Testimonials

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