4 Tips on buying House Insurance in Greece

4 Tips on buying House Insurance in Greece

What to look out for when you buy house insurance in Greece!

The earthquake activities in Greece remind us quite often that Greece is No.1 in earthquake activity in Europe and No.5 globally! As a result, House insurance in Greece is in fact a necessity.

Below are some points to take into consideration: 

1) The Insurance Firm

Since you are signing up for a potential claim that can reach up to many thousands of Euros you need to be sure that the insurer will be able to cover your claims. Thus, the insurer should be financially Robust and Solvent, Reliable and Trustworthy. Look for reputable companies, big organisations or International firms like the ones selected to be partners of insuranceline. Your insurance advisor should be able to determine the quality of the insurers before including them in you options.

2) House insurance Coverage vs Rebuilding Costs

The value of the land under your house should not be covered from theft, windstorm, fire or the other perils covered in your house insurance policy. On the contrary, make sure you include communal areas such as a pool, patio, garage etc.

3) Holiday House Contents Coverage

Many insurers will not include content cover unless the house is visited every so often, typically every sixty days. Make sure this is clearly stated in your policy. Also carefully review what your policy includes or exludes from coverage e.g. jewellery, bank cheques, bank notes etc.

4) No-excess Plans

Review your policy carefully and clarify if there will be a participation from you in the total amount of a claim. Chooce ‘no-excess plans’ if available.

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