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Living in Greece after Brexit? 5 Tips for UK expats

Brexit: What you need to know if you are a UK Citizen living in Greece!

Whether it is for a short visit or for a desire to live in Greece for longer periods of time, Brexit will have consequences on the rights of British nationals and the formalities they will need to follow to stay in Greece permanently.

Based on UK Government advice these are the most important things UK expats in Greece should do now:

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Tips on buying House Insurance in Greece

What to look out for when you buy house insurance in Greece!

The earthquake activities in Greece remind us quite often that Greece is No.1 in earthquake activity in Europe and No.5 globally! As a result, House insurance in Greece is in fact a necessity.

Below are some points to take into consideration:

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How to check if your vehicle has insurance cover

The Hellenic Information Centre has launched a website through which everyone can check in real time if their insurance plan is valid. The process is very simple, please follow the guide below and check your vehicle’s cover!

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Tips on buying Car Insurance in Greece

What to look out for when you buy car insurance in Greece!

When driving in Greece, good car insurance is essential since Greece has one of the highest accident rates in the European Union. On the other hand the insurance companies that operate in Greece are more than 100! This means that you need to be extra carefull when selecting one of them as they may not have the know-how or financial capabilities to support their customers.

So when you look out for insurance in Greece you should not only base your decision on premiums. Some insurers have lower premiums, but end up costing you more in the end by lowballing loss estimates, hassling the repair shop to cut costs, and forcing you to pay extra for replacement parts. They might even raise your premiums after an accident.

Instead, look for reputable companies that will give you value for money, big organisations or International firms who also operate in Greece like the ones selected to be partners of insuranceline.

Below are some points to take into consideration:

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How to pay the Road tax in Greece

Follow the 3 simple steps below in order to print your Car Tax notification sheets.
Then you can visit any bank and pay your Tax.

In case your run into problems we will be more that happy to assist you in person.
Just contact us!

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