How to pay the Road tax in Greece

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Follow the 3 simple steps below in order to print your Car Tax notification sheets.
Then you can visit any bank and pay your Tax.

In case your run into problems we will be more that happy to assist you in person.
Just contact us!


Step 1

- Visit the Hellenic Tax Center website website and click on 'ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ' button:

Road tax step 01 2018


Step 2 

- Enter your Greek Tax Number ('ΑΦΜ') and Vehicle Registration Number ('Αριθμός Κυκλοφορίας') using Greek characters, check the year and then click on 'Αναζήτηση' (Search).
- If the entered information were correct a search success message ('Επιτυχής αναζήτηση. Πατήστε εκτύπωση') is displayed and the button 'Εκτύπωση' is now enabled!

Road tax step 02 2018


Step 3 

- Click on 'Εκτύπωση' button to print your Tax notification sheet.

Road tax step 03 2018


Step 4 

- A two-part sheet is shown that you can print and take it with you at a Post Office of bank to pay your Tax.
- You can also use the Payment ID Number in grey background at the end of the sheet to pay by e-banking (Greek bank).

Road tax step 04 2018


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